Kent Worthington


I’m critical of monarchies and limits on the houses.

I love to share trivia about my house’s business.

Innovation. Abandon old traditions and find better ways to do things. (Chaotic)

My house is my family. I would do anything for it.

My religious beliefs aren’t widespread in my house.

I was a supply clerk in the Brelish Army (Da Bears)- rose to the rank of Sargent(!) While I was serving my country, I did unforgivable things. Someone put their trust in me and I betrayed them for personal gain and I do not regret it. Nothing really happened to me or anyone I knew, I was in supply, far removed from the details of the conflict.

Given my war time profession of supply clerk, I am employed by the Inquisitive as a gopher! I am a go getter who can get what you need – mostly coffee and sandwiches, but sometimes also paper, pencils/pens and ink! I also assist investigative teams by helping to set up meeting sites, sending invitations to concerned parties for interviews, ensuring the catering is sorted, etc.

Kent Worthington

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